Hotel Castello Health Protocols

The page will be updated accordingly the laws and directives.




  • Each room is cleaned every 2nd day of stay and disinfected
  • We change bed linen every 4th day
  • We change towels every 2nd day.
  • Room service will not arrange the beds.
  • We will not provide blankets
  • The kettle and glasses are removed. We provided upon demand by extra charge 1,5€/day
  • Antiseptic, cleaning wipes will be provided at the arrival and it will replaced with every bed linen change
  • Extra change of towels is charged 1,5€/towel and bed linen 3€/linen
  • Balcony doors will remain open after cleaning to adequately clean the air
  • Each room will have a cleaning and disinfection information board
  • We suggest to bring your own linen and blankets




  • Breakfast will be devided to time zones of 45 min each in which max 15 persons will be served
  • Tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected after use.
  • Antiseptic will be placed at the entrance of breakfast area which guests must use before entering in
  • Breakfast will be served exclusively by our staff which will bring the appropriate precautions
  • We will not serve breakfast in the room
  • On demand breakfast can be served in take-away pack
  • Coffees and juices also will be served by our staff.




·        Check in    15:00

·        Check out  11:00




  • The use of kids pools is allowed by a maximum of 2 kids in a pool
  • Before using the pool, it is necessary to clean the body. There will be a shower gel in the sprinkler
  • Pool Bar will be not in operate
  • Barbeque can be used only from the guest that will prepare the goods and not for group gathering. Goods must consumed in the rooms.
  • We provide towels for the pool at the reception
  • Do not remove sun beds




  • Reception will be attended for 8 hours daily
  • Arrival and departure are arranged digitally.
  • Contact with the reception is possible at any time when is unattended using digital and telecommunications media
  • Any available communication and identification information required by the competent authorities must be provided
  • Antiseptic will be placed at the reception
  • As it is forbidden to enter non-residents, the main entrance will remain closed and the entrance and exit will be done using a code.
  • Delivery services are only allowed outside the hotel



General Precautions


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
  • Avoid overcrowding and keep your distances
  • Use antiseptics
  • The use of a mask is optional and is not recommended if you do not belong to vulnerable groups
  • Avoid touching your face.




  • If there is a need to treat a suspicious symptom, we provide a protection kit to the patient and his companion.
  • The settlement of the accommodation bill is recommended to be done by digital means and is completed before arriving at the property